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Civic Extreme Handmade Custom Modifier work Bandung

Civic Extreme Handmade Custom Modifier work Bandung

Otosia.com - Extreme, be the right word for a car modified Galaxy Auto Concept. Based on the all-new Civic fd1 in 2007, the house belonged to Arie modification is to change the total ranging from interior, exterior to the kitchen spur.

Games handmade custom evident throughout the exterior. The car, named Fenrir Stage 3 is the body reforged with futuristic design combined firmly underlined elegant truncated roof. The front is made so frightening, much like the face of someone who is angry, and brown on the grill contrast with the bright yellow body.

"All the custom itself, we make from scratch. Because the pursuit of extreme body appearance," said Arie.

The door did not escape contact with modifications. Instead dimodif stylish Lamborghini or Gulf Wing, Arie makes shifted out with the seat. While the baggage door opening made up using the motor, thus showing a magnificent audio devices.


Interior affairs is not much different from the outside. Handmade impression visible in all aspects such as door panels, dashboard and center console. Various modifications also tersematkan indicator device on the dashboard is made of carbon fiber. In order for a luxurious feel increasingly felt, paired king chair style seats.

Utilizing the trunk, audio devices from Venom pinned on a hand-crafted cradle complete with the monitor a variety of sizes.

While that performance is similar to the appearance of extreme, some paired racing components, one component of the turbo. Embedding double muffler making the car sound output is getting fierce.


Made hydraulic suspension, so the height can be adjusted. Large wheels and thin beautify this automatic transmission car. Large brake faintly visible behind the wheel. Chosen large wheels to improve braking performance and reinforce tampila Source http://car-tuneup.com

The Cute, Sirion Hello Kitty Supercharger

The Cute, Sirion Hello Kitty Supercharger

Status as a housewife was stopped Milka Yuanita to be creative. Just look at his modified Daihatsu Sirion extreme and flashy.

His love of the cartoon Hello Kitty realized through pink airbrush strokes in the body. The theme 'Hello Kitty Pirates' to motifs airbrush very elaborate and complex, Milka entrust the process to home modifications Yogyakarta, Butterfly Night.

"The first time buy this car immediately asked modified with Hello Kitty theme. Because I really like this character for a long time. For me the process is entrusted to Butterfly Night, but the concept remains of me," he said.

Spend around USD 300 million-an, body Sirion faces made it out. Used as a standard door gull wing or wings. Front hood and rear doors are also subject to restoration be split door. Overall doors fitted the motor so that it can open automatically via remote control.

Android-based remote control is not only able to set the door only. Air suspension, lights to turn on and turn off the engine can be set remotely.

"At first, not contrived sliding door, but he said baseball is suitable for the contest. Finally after find any research wing model like this. Both doors so one and open to the top," said Milka.

Interior affairs, Murano selected upholstery wraps the entire component. Game white violet, red and pink gives the impression of luxury and feminine, matching the exterior motif. Various Hello Kitty ornaments were scattered as on the dashboard. Not to forget the seat which motivated the face of Hello Kitty is made to move out in motorization.

Audio business, workshop modifications familiarly called Kumal is not kidding. Rear cabin and trunk converted into a multimedia palace. Splitting open the trunk door, there is a large television uncover hidden.

Performance issues did not escape the attention of the embedding supercharger so that combined with HKS Blow Off. As a result of the installation of this component, the sound is so frightening, a contradiction with cute appearance.

The legs processed so Source http://car-tuneup.com
www.wikipedia.org that the car looks flat. Using black wheels, masculine impression remains visible on mounts

Mitsubishi Outlander Makin Seductive

Mitsubishi Outlander Makin Seductive

The New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport comes with a number of new changes specifically for the medium SUV lovers who want a vehicle that is robust in various fields, furnished and functional features.

Changes in the interior and exterior as well as providing improved quality vehicles to the maximum. Changes in the exterior has a more stylish and sporty for The New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

While an increase in the interior to provide more comfort for its passengers, including a tilt angle rear seats added significantly to 6 degrees which is a response to consumer demand than previous models.

Not only those changes that make the Outlander Sport more sporty and stylish, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has also equipped with some special features that distinguish it from other competitors in its class. Panoramic Glass Roof luxurious with LED Illumination and anti UV glass to make passengers more flexibility in the sun or enjoy a view of the sky at night.

Magnesium Paddle Shift with strong material and is within easy reach will allow the driver at the time of gearshift for responsive control. Other special features are Keyless Operating System (KOS) and One-touch Start System (OSS), thus spoiling the driver if you want to turn the vehicle simply by pressing the Start button on the steering wheel.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is equipped with a 2.0-liter MIVEC engine that is capable of generating a maximum power of 150 PS / 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 20.1 kgm / 4,200 rpm. MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control) is a proprietary technology that is environmentally friendly adjust the intake time for optimum performance throughout the engine speed range.

2.0-liter MIVEC engine is then combined with the transmission INVECS-III CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with Sport mode that is easy to operate and suitable for dense urban road conditions.

Additionally, as an SUV carrying the urban lifestyle concept, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has a minimum turning radius of 5.3 m of the smallest in its class making it easier for the rider to perform reverse rotation or maneuvering urban streets are quite narrow. We also improve the suspension system that will provide comfort and driving stability, as well as the optimization of the transmission system.

INVECS III - CVT Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which provide more responsive acceleration and aggressive.Source http://car-tuneup.com

Suzuki Celerio Could Be Economical Option in 2015

Suzuki Celerio Could Be Economical Option in 2015

City car Celerio is predicted to be so sweet gacoan this year than Suzuki. This model was touted to be an interesting choice by trade services Carmudi car for 2015.

"With Celerio, Suzuki offers an alternative that is larger and more spacious with Splash models. The price is also affordable. With a top speed of 150 kmph with a seating capacity for four people, Celerio is a strong line-up in the A-segment for city car," the party said.

City car Suzuki Alto Celerio full name is displayed in the 2014 IIMS. But then the Suzuki denied the rumors about the possibility to be sold and that the presence of Celerio to replace Splash.

"Celerio is not intended to replace the Splash. I do not know because Japan has no plan to sell in Indonesia," said Seiji Itayama, Managing Director of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales 4W.

Celerio itself comes with K10B engine (996 cc) and has a capacity of 4 passengers cabin. The front suspension uses MacPherson strut models with coil, while belangkan 3-link rigid axle with coil also.Source http://car-tuneup.com

There pronunciation of 'God' with Gold Ink Body Shop It

There pronunciation of 'God' with Gold Ink Body Shop It

There pronunciation of 'God' with Gold Ink Body Shop It
Rolls-Royce berlafalkan God
Cars ModifikasiPit StopRolls-Luxury RoyceMobil
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  Giant British automotive manufacturer, Rolls-Royce, creating a car that turns inspired by kiswah (cover) of the Kaaba. Shiny black color as the base color combined with a golden hue similar to the color kiswah Kaaba.

This car was deliberately made to order from a wealthy businessman, Gulf citizens who have not been identified. Not only decorated with a pattern matching with kiswah, over the special again according to Sabq, Tuesday (12/09/2014), which re-quoted by dakwatuna, also digoreskannya pronunciation of 'God' with gold paint.

Not only stamped on its body paint alone, the interior region also helped highlight the pronunciation of 'God' is like in the photo below.

Rolls-Royce has become one of the automaker's luxury car which provide extra services, allowing customers to customize the interior and exterior according to consumer tastes. Rolls-Royce concept is this an example of the facilities Kaaba accessories offered by them.Source http://car-tuneup.com

Suzuki Sportbike Awaken Back Lawas?

Suzuki Sportbike Awaken Back Lawas?

Suzuki Sportbike Awaken Back Lawas?
Courtesy of Young Machine
Motor BaruMotor SportMotor SuzukiSuperbikeMoge

Recently, two-wheeler manufacturers Suzuki started the new year 2015 with a newspaper blowing quite shocking universe sportbike world.

Through observation Young Machine (YM), a Japanese automotive magazine which always reveals the first of each new product leaks showing her latest Suzuki sportbike.

Based 600cc engine, which seems to be the model of YM sportbike mean sportbike Suzuki leads to two different eras and magnitude of the engine. They are Suzuki Katana 600cc (1980) and 1100cc Suzuki Stratosphere concept (2005).

Source http://car-tuneup.com
But unfortunately YM not show leaks platform of the latest sportbike Suzuki slightly obvious part of his front end of this. Questions still struggling whether continuation of older generations as the case sportbike Kawasaki Ninja H2 with her or even a new model that is removed from the unit concept?

It Why Do not Let Minors Driving!

It Why Do not Let Minors Driving!

It Why Do not Let Minors Driving!
Boy 15 years caused the accident in Russia (source: Carscoops)
MobilPit accident StopVideoYoutubeAston Martin

Almost every country in the world to apply the minimum age for a person to be able to obtain an official driving license from the authorities. That is 21 years, 18 years, 17 years and 16 years with a special supervision of parents in some countries.

Not without reason, physical and psychological condition of those who are under age is considered too dangerous for others and themselves to be behind the wheel.

If it remains 'stubborn', the worst case but can endanger their safety, your favorite car can be a victim. Take the case of a boy of 15 years of Russia's.

Despite claims that the Aston Martin DB9 is that he bought his own, as submitted by Carscoops (07/01), nonetheless age is still not old enough it became one of the causes of the tragic accident at the expense of the super-luxury car.Source http://car-tuneup.com